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As the owners and operators of Slam Jam Sports, we are happy to bring loads of fun for kids to your next party or event.  We are certified health and physical education teachers in Bergen County NJ,  who work with children every single day.  As we brought the game of GaGa to our schools after school program, we realized how much fun the kids have while playing the game.  Kids really loved to play!  The best part is , that children of all ages and abilities can be engaged the entire time.  Boredom is never a factor, and the eagerness to continue to play is always high.  We saw how much enjoyment it brought to our students, that we thought we would share the experience for all kids.  Everyone can participate, be active, and have a great time.  We hope to bring the game of GaGa, as well as other classes, camps and activities to your children to keep them staying active!  We see and know exactly what kids like and love to play every day!  We want to share those favorites and strive to see kids stay active both in and out of the classroom!  Being and staying active in any way helps to establish the want for kids to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.  Whether your child is an athlete or not, the game of GaGa is something that all children can enjoy! 

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